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Dear Mr. Market:

How time flies! Our first letter to you was on March 20, 2013.   This marks our 100th article. Over the last two years we have covered a variety of topics and events that our clients and readers have been confronted with. Over 15,000 individuals have visited the website and our top rated articles have been viewed over 12,500 times!

As we look through the library of topics we have assembled, there are several articles that stand out for various reasons. It’s challenging to pick favorites so we’ve decided to share the most popular “letters” we’ve written:

Target Your Sell Discipline (click here to read)

Buying a stock is easy but when do you sell it? What if it doubles in price or worse yet what happens if it gets cut in half? Be disciplined and have an exit strategy in place before you hit the buy button.

Who told you the S&P 500 is your benchmark? (click here to read)

Your portfolio is up for the year but are you a winner or a loser when compared to the market? Identifying what your benchmark should be is something investors often struggle with. Make sure you are truly comparing apples to apples!

Sorry Mutual Fund: You’re Fired! (click here to read)

Paying high fees for consistent underperformance essentially guarantees that you will not reach your investment goals. On a yearly basis approximately 75 - 80% of mutual funds can’t beat their benchmark… Why on earth would anyone want to overpay for underperformance?!?

Windhaven Portfolios: Is Schwab just blowing hot air? (click here to read)

Financial firms are always creating new products and services in an effort to meet investors needs and capture their loyalty. Windhaven Investments has grown dramatically since it was introduced by Charles Schwab & Company in 2011. Is it a fit for your portfolio or has it been sold to you?

What is the difference between Fee-Only and Fee-Based advisors? (click here to read)

They sound like essentially the same things but the devil is in the details! Learn about the critical differences and the impact it can make on your relationship with your financial advisor and your long-term financial success.

Team MPG: Ironman for Charity (click here to read)

How many firms sponsor a team of triathletes, each of them raising money for a charity or foundation important to them? We did and we will continue to make a difference in peoples lives. Last year Team My Portfolio Guide raised over $25,000!

Robo-Advisors: What are they and why should you care? (click here to read)

These automated ‘investment solutions’ have recently captured headlines and are growing at an alarming rate. Chances are you have been marketed by one in the last several months but you might not even be aware of it.

Is Jim Cramer’s diversification advice insane? (click here to read)

Entertainment and investing do not go hand in hand. Investment advice that is followed by a loud ‘booyah’ could certainly qualify as lunacy!

Experts and Amateurs are Wrong on REITs (click here to read)

REITs have been the best performing asset class for decades yet most portfolios are void of it! REITs have beat the stock market over the past 30 years, shouldn’t you have some exposure?

Looking Under the Hood of your Company Retirement Plan (click here to read)

The average working couple will see nearly a third of their retirement plan eaten up by fees (over $150k)! With new regulations, plan providers are required to disclose all fees – make your money work for you and not your plan provider!

Understand the Herd…don’t follow it! (click here to read)

Behavioral Finance is a relatively new field of study but if you’re a human being you already inherently know what it’s about. Understanding how to apply behavioral finance to your investing, however, is where most investors completely miss the mark.

March Madness: Final Four Investing Bracket 2015 (click here to read)

The NCAA basketball tournament has become a huge event. Every spring we combine the excitement of college basketball and the myriad of investment choices availabele. We are proud to be one of the first firms to create an “Investing Bracket”, our annual article is always one of the most popular on the internet!

One of the most intriguing things about “Mr. Market” is that you’ll never be bored with his volatile and unpredictable temperament. We of course enjoy sharing our opinions on the markets but would love to hear from you and what you would like to learn more about.

If you enjoyed or learned anything from our first 100 articles…. don’t keep it a secret! Share ‘Dear Mr. Market’ with others and be sure to catch our next 100! 



Dear Mr. Market:

Every month we write to you and chat about the markets and how people are behaving based on your results. Sometimes it’s good to refresh (click here) our memory of why we do this and what the MPG Core Tactical 60/40 portfolio is intended to do.

First and foremost, our aim with this series of monthly articles is not to “beat the market”, race against any benchmark, or pretend we have a crystal ball. In the most ironic way possible, those that follow this series of articles will eventually understand that the primary focus of this exercise is to show you how picking stocks and trying to “time markets” is usually a hit or miss expedition. At the end of the day (or in this case, whenever we decide to stop writing these “letters”), you will likely see that holding a properly disciplined and balanced portfolio of instruments tracking specific indexes beats out most “potpourri” type portfolios.

Every month of the year offers the financial media something to tease investors with. Here come all the headlines that tend to repeat themselves much like in the movie Groundhog Day. It begins with reminders of the supposed “January Effect” and ends in December with the “Santa Claus Rally”. As 2015 races along we’re already in May and it’s time to digest fabled warnings of “Sell in May and Go Away”. Some things never change (the media) and some things always will (the market).

What’s different this past month is that volatility really slowed down. April still jostled investors around but for the most part the month ended with mixed results and couldn’t really give us a feel for any real direction. Unlike what we saw in March, the market rollercoaster flattened out a bit. The Dow Jones only had four days of triple digit swings (up or down). We also witnessed a few highs mid month to only see them come right back down and essentially give it all back to keep us range bound.

Here’s the current summary of the MPG Core Tactical 60/40 portfolio mix, which is updated as of this writing (May 11, 2015).

Click here to compare our portfolio against the benchmark

What adjustments did we make?

We decided not to




Diversified Portfolio DMM

Have you ever heard of a guy named Jim Cramer? If you’re a seasoned investor you certainly know of the television personality, best-selling author, and host of CNBC’s Mad Money show. If you’re a novice investor you may have heard of him as well due to his popularity but we would caution you to stay away. Why?

This article is not a hit piece on Jim Cramer. He is a wildly successful entertainer who adds color and talking points on the stock market but make no mistake about it…he is not your financial advisor. As a matter of fact he advises nobody professionally but by virtue of his massive media platform he commands a lot of attention, which gets construed as diligent financial advice or valid recommendations.

It’s actually because of Jim Cramer’s success that we want to bring him to your attention. His investing record is


UIT CartoonHave you ever bought a product or service and afterwards felt like you had been taken to the cleaners? Consumers look for superior products and they also want a great deal. Imagine buying a top of the line computer only to find out that you need to buy another one every year or two and to top of it off you have to pay a commission to the salesperson each time…who would possibly want that scenario?!

It might be a very nice computer but at what point do you question your purchase and stop the sales/commission cycle? As we’ve discussed in several of our letters to Mr. Market the financial services industry is littered with products and services that do little for the individual investor but benefit companies and commission driven brokers by lining their pockets. We’ve covered annuities, life insurance products and loaded mutual funds, but today we will look at a product that is making a come back after declining in popularity over the last few years….Unit Investment Trusts or UITs.

The name itself sounds


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