Our Process

My Portfolio Guide designs a personal wealth management strategy with five elements that revolve around YOU:

  • Discovery – How can we guide you without knowing what you are looking to accomplish? We listen to YOU and take this information to apply our fiduciary duty throughout the process.
  • Design – We employ two unique strategies each with seven proprietary models designed to meet virtually any investment scenario for our clients. Whether you require a steady stream of income in retirement, growth of your assets to meet future expenses, or some blend thereof, we design the portfolio model accordingly.
  • Implementation- Based on the structured model that optimally suits your investment goal, we begin putting your money to work. Unlike many boilerplate solutions, we don’t dump your entire portfolio into the markets on some arbitrary day nor do we completely dismantle all existing holdings without proper cause and rationale.
  • Monitoring- One of our core principles in constructing a portfolio that performs well over the long-term is based on Strategic Asset Allocation. We provide ongoing reporting that clearly illustrates how your portfolio is performing, including outside assets that we may not be managing.
  • Communication- We view each and every client as an individual and therefore you are treated like one. Some investors simply want the bottom line and others take a keen interest in following the markets.