Dear Mr. Market

Thoughts regarding the stock market, investing, and the economy from My Portfolio Guide, LLC
  1. Dear Mr. Market: Yesterday seemed like the start of the Great Depression for some pundits and nervous nellies. Fear sells, and negative prognosis appears smarter than positive outlooks for whatever reason. The reality, and key reminder we wish to bring … Continue reading
  2. Dear Mr. Market: What’s the first term you think of when discussing the economy? Stocks, bonds, gold? How about Supply & Demand? On a recent flight to Salt Lake City, Utah, we saw a “picture worth a thousand words”. Matt … Continue reading
  3. Dear Mr. Market: The stock market has provided many sayings and memorable catchphrases that people tend to regurgitate ; some have merit and some are just garbage. If you’re a regular reader of Dear Mr. Market, or a client of … Continue reading
  4. Dear Mr. Market: It’s over. The “fat lady is singing”, the alarm bells are ringing, and you are literally the last dunce in the room who decided to get into the market at the all-time high. Now Mr. Market shows … Continue reading
  5. Dear Mr. Market: Last week was a microcosm of how stock market headlines can really lead you to hear one thing yet see another. For a while now we’ve been barking about how the FAANG stocks have artificially propped the … Continue reading
  6. Dear Mr. Market: You’ve heard us barking about this before but as the world navigates its way out of the Covid-19 pandemic, it won’t be just the stock market that recovers. In many respects the market has mainly bounced back … Continue reading
  7. Dear Mr. Market: It’s been a while since we’ve had to talk about you. The world has been focused on many changes which sometimes leaves you to quietly do your thing while we catch our breath. We’ve ushered in a … Continue reading
  8. Dear Mr. Market: It’s been seven years since we last reviewed the Permanent Portfolio. Please click here to view the original article. Why do we bring up this article now? Lots has changed but lots has not! More than anything … Continue reading
  9. Dear Mr. Market: November 3rd is looming large in many minds this year.  That’s right, it will be Dolph “Ivan Drago” Lundgren’s 63rd birthday!  Big news for sure, but unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know we also … Continue reading
  10. Dear Mr. Market: We’ve written you hundreds of letters over the past decade and on occasion it’s nice to put a face with the name! Last week, Matt Pixa of My Portfolio Guide, LLC, was given the honor and opportunity … Continue reading