Dear Mr. Market

Thoughts regarding the stock market, investing, and the economy from My Portfolio Guide, LLC
  1. What to expect in Q4 after a seasonally rough, but perhaps expected, September and a Fed that has been wrong at every turn. Continue reading
  2. Why own gold and what are some of the main pros and cons to include it in your investment portfolio? Continue reading
  3. How might you reposition your Bond ETFs if we indeed see a market crash, credit event, or general recession? Continue reading
  4. There's no shortage of opinions on whether we're in a bull market or conversely still in a bear market. Whatever you do, don't fall prey to emotions but rather try to stick to your plan and stay disciplined. Continue reading
  5. Dear Mr. Market: It is with a sense of awe and intrigue that we find ourselves reflecting upon the first half of 2023. In the world of finance and investment, prognostications and predictions often hold sway, shaping the decisions of … Continue reading
  6. Let's put the recent banking failures and headlines into perspective and also review the Top 5 bank stocks in the US. Continue reading
  7. My Portfolio Guide, LLC is proud to have been the first financial advisor to roll out a #MarchMadness investing bracket over 10 years ago. It's back... so check it out for 2023! Continue reading
  8. Try your best to tune out the noise. Sure, the stock market and the world has plenty worry about but it's not always as bad as everyone wants you to think. Continue reading
  9. Mixed in with our wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving, is a narrative that you may not hear about and how the stock market might actually do well in the months to come. Continue reading
  10. 2022 has been a year where the stock market has provided no "safe place" to hide. In this article we review the Permanent Portfolio again and update you on how it's performed and whether it makes sense in times like these. Continue reading


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