Dear Mr. Market

Thoughts regarding the stock market, investing, and the economy from My Portfolio Guide, LLC
  1. Is your March Madness bracket already busted? It happens every year and there has never been a perfect bracket. In the investing world, however, you don't need a perfect bracket to do well. With My Portfolio Guide's annual investing bracket we have the opportunity to explain our outlook and the investment themes we believe in the most for the remainder of 2019. Continue reading
  2. Dear Mr. Market: Over the past couple of months we’ve had all eyes on you and to state the obvious it’s been a wild ride!  With all the recent volatility, the risks (and rewards) of the stock market were on … Continue reading
  3. Dear Mr. Market: Since 1950 you (the market) have risen an average of +1.4% over the last five trading days of the year. We typically see some tax loss selling in the early part of the month and then a … Continue reading
  4. Dear Mr. Market: In all of our letters to you it’s been well documented how volatile and irrational you can be. You clearly have a temper and even when there is an abundance of good economic news you can still … Continue reading
  5. Dear Mr. Market: We typically write you letters about your volatile actions and the erratic behavior you bestow upon us as investors. Many of our letters also try to put certain economic events into perspective so that people don’t let … Continue reading
  6. Dear Mr. Market: Let’s get this part out of the way…You’ve made a lot of people ill the past few days. As a matter of fact you’re following through on staying true to form by making October another historically miserable … Continue reading
  7. Dear Mr. Market: We don’t make it a regular practice to be ambulance chasers every time there is a tragedy or natural disaster. That being said, almost every major event (whether it’s considered good or bad) can create an opportunity … Continue reading
  8. Dear Mr. Market: Our letters to you typically center around the stock market, the economy, and related investment topics. At the end of the day, however, what is wealth (the accumulation, growth, and preservation of it) all really for? That … Continue reading
  9. Dear Mr. Market: Apologies in advance for our clickbait headline. We usually aim to talk financial shop in our letters to you…but today is not about the stock market. Today, July 4th, is about independence, freedom, and the greatest nation … Continue reading
  10.   Dear Mr. Market: We have discussed many times how emotionally driven you are. On some days you tempt us with your record setting high wire acts and on others we have our lips virtually wrapped around the barrel of … Continue reading