Dear Mr. Market

Thoughts regarding the stock market, investing, and the economy from My Portfolio Guide, LLC
  1. Dear Mr. Market: We always chide you for having such a volatile temper. Your unpredictability is both alluring yet often makes the most intelligent person seem like an imbecile. What’s your next move? Who will you reward in 2020 and … Continue reading
  2. Dear Mr. Market: Periodically we write you “letters” about a whole host of topics. Last December we wrote one about Santa delivering us a massive lump of coal instead of what historically can be a friendly month with regards to … Continue reading
  3. Dear Mr. Market: “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” – Ben Franklin “When it comes to divide an estate, the politest men quarrel.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson As Mr. Franklin notes, none … Continue reading
  4. Dear Mr. Market: If you follow financial news at all, you have likely been paying attention to the controversy surrounding Ken Fisher. Ken leads a firm with over $100 billion in assets under management, and he made some comments that … Continue reading
  5. Dear Mr. Market: To say that the stock market offers a changing landscape is an understatement. It’s up, it’s down, it’s sideways but regardless there is always something new and now…there is something free; stock trading! Charles Schwab has truly … Continue reading
  6. Dear Mr. Market: When we reminisce and think of some of your worst days it would be natural to assume it was sometime during the Great Depression. Believe it or not the worst drop in stock market history (at least … Continue reading
  7. Dear Mr. Market: One thing any of our readers will know if that we don’t pretend that we (or anyone) owns a crystal ball. The only thing we can promise you about tomorrow is that the day ends in the … Continue reading
  8. Dear Mr. Market: We normally pen all of our articles (letters) to you but in this case the work was already done. This one has nothing to do with the stock market or economy but everything to do with your … Continue reading
  9. Dear Mr. Market: Chalk it up to the “dog days of summer” but we haven’t written a letter to you in a while. Perhaps this is in part to the wild ride you’ve sent investors on since the whipsaw action … Continue reading
  10. Is your March Madness bracket already busted? It happens every year and there has never been a perfect bracket. In the investing world, however, you don't need a perfect bracket to do well. With My Portfolio Guide's annual investing bracket we have the opportunity to explain our outlook and the investment themes we believe in the most for the remainder of 2019. Continue reading