Dear Mr. Market

Thoughts regarding the stock market, investing, and the economy from My Portfolio Guide, LLC
  1. My Portfolio Guide is proud to introduce the Columbus Adaptive Asset Allocation Strategy! This strategy is designed for accounts over $100,000 and uses a quantitative methodology and dynamic approach of managing ETFs to optimize risk adjusted returns. Continue reading
  2. Dear Mr. Market: What’s your plan for when the stock market goes down? Is this plan the same for when bonds go down? Over the last several years of this bull market we have gradually prepared for this inevitable event … Continue reading
  3. Dear Mr. Market: We certainly spend a lot of time writing to you about the stock market and all the twists and turns it brings investors. Today, we have the pleasure of mixing things up a bit as we dive … Continue reading
  4. Dear Mr. Market: We wake up to you every day. Once the morning cup of coffee is poured, whether intentional or not, we constantly digest information for the next 16 hours. Most of us check our email, read and/or watch … Continue reading
  5. This article will give you a better understanding of why adding REITs into your portfolio could improve your diversification, dividends, and ultimately your portfolio performance. Continue reading
  6. Dear Mr. Market: We typically write you letters to chew the fat about the stock market, the economy, and educational snippets on investing. Once in a while, however, it’s nice to learn about what goes on behind the scenes of … Continue reading
  7. Check out how investing and March Madness correlate! Continue reading
  8. Many people have trouble making decisions because of one simple thing... They can't get out of their own way. Do you suffer from paralysis by analysis? Continue reading
  9. Sometimes the best stocks are the boring ones. Dean Foods (DF) is a stock that you most likely buy their products but don't know the company behind the brand. Continue reading
  10. Dear Mr. Market: You’ve posted some very impressive performance since Donald Trump’s victory in the recent presidential election. While the debate will continue in regards to what changes will take place with the new regime in Washington D.C., individuals are … Continue reading