Dear Mr. Market

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  3. Dear Mr. Market: This entire personal finance blog is about “letters” being written to you (Mr. Market), the fictitious character that exhibits all sorts of emotions due to the gyrations of the stock market. What letter, however, is the most … Continue reading
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  9. Dear Mr. Market: This isn’t the type of letter we like to write you. Our brief note today will not center around anything of stock market or economic interest. Mr. Market dupes people with his manic, unpredictable, and volatile ways … Continue reading
  10. Dear Mr. Market: Yesterday seemed like the start of the Great Depression for some pundits and nervous nellies. Fear sells, and negative prognosis appears smarter than positive outlooks for whatever reason. The reality, and key reminder we wish to bring … Continue reading


RT @SJD10304: Just how many times has the S&P 500 declined 6 weeks in a row while losing -10% or more? 5/13/2022 7/11/2008 10/4/2002 8/24…

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